French Press

The French press is known for a dense, sweet, and heavy bodied cup. Classic full immersion brews can taste great - just be careful not to over-extract

Burr grinder
French Press
Scale w/ timer
Any old kettle

Recipe: 40g coffee : 600g water
Grind: medium-coarse
Time: 5:00

1. Preheat w/ hot water
2. Discard water
2. Place press on scale
3. Add 40g ground coffee
4. Tare scale & start timer
5. Slowly pour 600g water
6. At 1:00, gently dunk grinds *
7. Place plunger on brewer
8. At 4:30, remove plunger
9. Skim frothy stuff off top
10. Place plunger on press
11. At 4:45, press the plunger
12. Decant entire brew **
13. Pour into mug & enjoy!

* Use a spoon to gently submerge all grounds.
** After plunging, don't let your brew sit in the press. Pouring it into another vessel away from the grounds will avoid further extraction.