Single Origin Project February: Colombia COMEPCAFE


Cooperativa Multiétnica Y Pluricultural De Pequeños Caficultores Del Cauca, or COMEPCAFE, founded in 2010 by a small-but-mighty group of 44 producers, has grown to include nearly 1,000. The name of the organization itself speaks to the structure and the community, as it is truly a cooperative effort among multi-ethnic and multicultural smallholders. The group is committed to working not only as one with the planet, but also as a unit together, taking turns picking, sorting, and delivering to the co-op with each other. The cups offer a balance of toffee and caramel sweetness with tangy lime and lemongrass and more delicate touches of melon and florals. This is, in part, thanks to the high altitude (1750–2200 meters), good varieties (including Colombia, Caturra, Castillo, Typica), and meticulous processing —but also certainly thanks to the spirit of the community and the support the members provide each other.

East Side Block Party


Swing by PERC Coffee Roasters courtyard for the East Side Block Party! Big Bon Pizza will be slinging zaza in the courtyard, did we mention there will be a special espresso dessert pizza. Two Tides Brewing Company will be serving up beer and a special beer + coffee pairings with PERC. Music will be out in the courtyard by Eric Daubert and his band. Our friends from Savannah Urban Garden Alliance will be hanging out as well! A $5 cover at the door will get you into the event and a portion of the proceeds will go to SUGA!

PERC Courtyard (1802 E Broad St.)
Saturday January 12th
6-8:30 serve time
$5 cover @ door (portion of the proceeds go to SUGA)

Event artwork done by The Small Creative 

Single Origin Project January: Brazil Santa Rosa


Fazenda Santa Rosa is located in the city of Berizal in the Jequitinhonha Valley in the Chapada de Minas region. Jequitinhonha Valley is full of waterfalls, caves, coffee and eucalyptus plantations, and cattle ranches. In the past, gold and diamonds from nearby mines flowed through the valley.

Antonio Jose Felix Rosa began the Felix Santa Rosa project in 2002 when he, his wife and two children bought the land during a visit to the north of the Minas Gerais state. During a previous visit to the region, Jose Felix saw the land and it was love at first sight.

There was no local structure, roads, or electricity. Jose Felix made many early investments to provide an ecologically sound and socially just enterprise. The goal is to make Santa Rosa farm a model farm in the region. The exact location of the farm was chosen based on factors including the number of solar hours, elevation, and low incidence of diseases, which reduces the use of pesticides.

Single Origin Project November: Ethiopia Kayon Mountain


The Kayon Mountain Coffee Farm is owned by multiple families that have been born and raised around the experience of coffee. These shareholding members had mainly been supplying coffee to auction for the past 30 years until they started their farm in 2012. This farm boasts a 500 hecatare spread, of which half is planted in heirloom Typica coffee and the other land reserved for cabbage, and indigenous shade trees. By 2015, they had implemented washing stations and dry-hullers allowing them to start exporting their own coffees and now see an annual production of about 300 tonnes. The coffees see an average fermentation time of 24–36 hours, followed by an average drying time of 12–20 days. As for the future, Kayon Mountain plans to plant more coffee, improve the quality of their processing, and even begin leasing more land to expand their practice.