Single Origin Project June: Brazil Santa Rosa



Fazenda Santa Rosa is located in the city of Berizal in the Jequitinhonha Valley in the Chapada de Minas region. Jequitinhonha Valley is full of waterfalls, caves, coffee and eucalyptus plantations, and cattle ranches. In the past, gold and diamonds from nearby mines flowed through the valley.

Antonio Jose Felix Rosa began the Felix Santa Rosa project in 2002, when he and his wife and two children bought the land where the property is today. During a visit to the north of the Minas Gerais state. During a previous visit to the region Jose Felix saw the land and it was love at first sight.

There was no local structure, roads, or electricity. Jose Felix made many early investments to provide an ecologically sound and socially just enterprise. The goal is to make Santa Rosa farm a model farm in the region. The exact location of the farm was chosen based on factors including the number of solar hours, elevation, and low incidence of diseases, which reduces the use of pesticides.

Single Origin Project May: Ethiopia Reko

In December 2013, during a blind cupping, we found this washed Yirgacheffe from a small washing station in the Kochere region called Reko. This coffee stood out because of its pronounced aroma of peach, mango, and other stone fruits. Reko washing station is named after Reko-Mountain, a tall and skinny mountain that towers above the hills of Kochere. Reko, translated in Afaan Oromo, means challenge. It refers to the challenge of climbing the Reko-mountain. Masreshu and Faysel adopted the name and its symbolic value. It is their challenge to cultivate the best Yirgacheffe coffee. The Reko washing station is a great example for neighboring washing stations, with their work with the farmers in pre-harvest training, intense sorting process, careful lot separation, and finally their continued support and education at the farm level insures amazing coffee year after year.

Single Origin Project April: Guatemala Ixlama Lot 1

Huehuetenango Ixlama comes from specially selected small producers, Finca El Paternal & Finca Nueva Palmira, from the highlands of San Pedro Necta and La Libertad, both located in the state of Huehuetenango, Guatemala. This shade grown coffee is harvested and brought to the mill where it is sun dried on a patio and placed in “guardiolas”. It is separated by color via computer and density/size mechanically which results in a superior clean bright cup.

Single Origin Project March: Colombia El Mirador

Dudes - with all the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we wanted to take a moment to stop and celebrate the farmers who grow the amazing coffees we are honored to roast. To that end, we are launching our “single origin of the month” project. Each month we’ll select an offering we’re super stoked about and highlight the hard work and care that goes into each coffee. This is our way of saying “thank you” to everyone involved and we can’t wait to share these stories with you.

Finca El Mirador is located in the tiny town of Picuma, in the Suaza municipality of Huila, one of Colombia's southern departments. The farm is co-owned by Jose Jaaidir Losada and Kyle Bellinger*. Jose started the farm more than ten years ago with his brother and also owns two other properties nearby. Jose also works as the head of QC at the local Coocentral coop, where he cups coffees brought in by regional members. Several years ago, Kyle was traveling in Colombia when he met Jose. Jose acted on the potential he saw in the improvements they discussed and Kyle became a parter of Finca El Mirador. They invested and acquired another .8 hectares and built a new wet mill. They also are currently converting the farm to organic so they can have the very best soil health and microorganisms possible. Beyond coffee, Finca El Mirador has planted corn, papaya, and plantain and has a small hive of active honeybees.

*Photo by Kyle Bellinger.