Single Origin Project October: Peru Naciente



Franklin Guerrero, Founder of Cafe Amoju, is one of our strongest supply partners in Northern Peru, Santuario. Franklin worked for one of the largest privately held coffee exporting companies in the country. As a producer himself — he has 4 hectares of Typica & Pache in Lonya Grande — Franklin organized his neighbors and friends into their own co-op. Red Fox’s first purchase from this newly formed co-op was small, only twelve bags to be exact. As a testament to our mission, combined with confidence from both sides, productivity increased twenty-fold in one season. This lot was carefully pieced together, lot by lot, with the intention of representing coffees grown around the provinces of Jaén and Cutervo in the department of Cajamarca. Twenty-eight producers were chosen in total. Established September 22nd 2016, Café Amoju (Cooperativa Agraria y Servicios Multiples Café Amoju) supports over 340 members, and 21% of who are women. The co-op provides technical assistance, training, certifications, awards and financing to all their members. José Carlos Vasquez Guerrero began growing coffee on finca El Naciente in 2008. The farm was named in honor of the watershed that serves as a refuge for wild birds and other creatures.