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PERC Cycling Kits

  • Philip Brown

    Philip started PERC with a bike, a backpack, and a dream. That dream was to roast and share amazing coffee. In the early days, he would roast some coffee, crank up some music, and ride around Savannah, asking folks to try it. The bike enabled him to get to know the community. Soon folks would see him riding and wave him down to buy a bag. These days we have grown in every possible way, but one thing remains constant: the bike has been, and will always be, a part of the company's roots.

  • Alan Fischer

    Alan fell in love with cycling after joining the military. He raced road & track at West Point before transitioning to ultrarunning. After being injured on a deployment, Alan spent years in and out of surgeries and treatments. He was eventually able to get on the bike and start the road to recovery. Early morning coffee and Zwift rides became the ritual as he balanced life as a dad and entrepreneur. Alan found a home with the DIRT team and can’t get enough of WTRL’s team-focused racing in TTT and ZRL!


For us, coffee and cycling are both all about connecting people. We’re super excited to partner with WTRL and can’t wait to share the good stuff with you!

Use code WTRL for 10% off everything always.