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Colombia Perla De Inza

Colombia Perla De Inza

Fuji Apple, Brown Sugar

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    Cauca, Colombia


    1800-2100 MASL




    Castillo, Caturra

This delicious coffee comes to us from the municipality of Inza in the Cauca region of Colombia. The town of Inza is about 1850 meters above sea level. It boasts a tropical climate and rich volcanic soil, making it the perfect environment for growing specialty coffee. Multiple small producers contribute to the coffee community in Inza. The farmers focus on producing organic coffees without the use of chemicals. There is also a priority placed on reusing farm waste to make cheap and practical biofertilizers.

We instantly fell in love with this coffee on the cupping table. It’s supremely balanced with flavors reminiscent of honey crisp apple, orange blossom, brown sugar, and butterscotch. This coffee is super versatile, but we recommend leaning into the body by throwing this sucker in the dang Aeropress - it's got some junk in its trunk!

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