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Ethiopia Hayissa Olocho Lot 6

Ethiopia Hayissa Olocho Lot 6

Lavender, Honeysuckle

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    Keramo, Sidama


    2150 MASL




    74110, 74158

Along treacherous, barely paved roads that pass the bustling town of Daye in the Bensa district of Sidama, is the municipality of Keramo. Coffees from Keramo are famous for their sweetness and unique botanical flavors in the cup. The washing station in the village of Hayissa Olocho has 30 drying tables and works with quality-focused nearby producers. They have a comprehensive quality control program that contributes to their consistently outstanding coffee.

This coffee blew us away. It's super aromatic, like purple perfume happily invading our nose holes. When we slurped it, we got all the flavors you want in a fantastic lot of natural Ethiopia. It opens with floral notes of lavender and violet. Then it transitions to juicy flavors like purple grapes and blueberries. Lastly, it finishes with a botanical blast of honeysuckle and bergamot. Just enough to say "smell you later" to your taste buds.

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