Decaf Simmer Down


Decaf Simmer Down

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A Decaffeinated Bearhug for your Tongue

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We only source one decaf per season, so we want to make sure that it really cooks like Marty McFly playing a Chuck Berry classic. Caldas is a wonderfully balanced cup with warm notes of vanilla and toffee with a rich, satisfying finish. It’s an exquisite cup without all the catawampus of those edgy caff coffees. So, if you want a coffee that’ll make you more like Steve Guttenberg and less like Bobcat Goldthwait, this one is your jam.

Region: Caldas
Elevation: 1400 – 1650 MASL
Process: EA Sugarcane
Variety: Castillo, Caturra, Colombia
Harvest: 2018/2019

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