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Decaf Simmer Down

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We only source one decaf per season, so we want to make sure that it really cooks like Marty McFly playing a Chuck Berry classic. Caldas is a wonderfully balanced cup with warm notes of vanilla and toffee with a rich, satisfying finish. Caldas is an exquisite cup, without all the catawampus of those edgy caff coffees. If you want a cup of coffee that’s will make you more like Steve Guttenberg than Bobcat Goldthwait, this one’s your jam. 

Region: Caldas
Elevation: 1400 – 1650 MASL
Process: EA Sugarcane
Variety: Castillo, Caturra, Colombia
Harvest: 2018/2019

Colombian Caldas E.A. decaf is cupped as regular green sample and specifically identified for decaffeination, which happens in Colombia before the coffee goes to export. This allows us to maintain both the integrity of the quality of the coffees we choose to decaf, but also to extend our intentional and responsible sourcing to our decaf offerings as well as our “regular.”

This process works by soaking green coffee in a bath of water and a solvent called ethyl acetate, which is naturally derived from fermented sugar, among other natural sources. The solvent bonds to the salts in the chlorogenic acid within the coffee, this allows the caffeine to be removed.  which is then removed along of caffeine. The coffee is removed from its bath and steamed at low pressure to ensure no traces of E.A. are left, and the finished product is almost entirely free of any but the most trivial (0.1–0.3%) caffeine content.

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