Holiday Blend


Holiday Blend

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Can you feel that rumble? Can you feel the shake? No it’s not ole Nessy in her loch, and it sure ain’t the dang Chupacabra… it’s the PERC holiday Yeti and this year he’s bringing the best gift money can buy – love in a cup. So don’t give Auntie Fern another silly gift card from some place she’ll never go - stuff her stocking with a gift that will knock her socks clean off her feet: the 2018 PERC holiday blend. It’s so flippin’ good she’s gonna bust out the cardboard and breakdance right there in the stinkin’ rumpus room. Now that’ll be a holiday to remember, am I right?

Origin: the heart
Elevation: all the way elevated
Process: loving kindness
Variety: smiles + laughter
Harvest: bountiful 

Brew this blend any and every way possible, but brew a ton ‘cause this one is meant to be shared. Bring it with you to a friend's or relative's on vacation. Don’t find yourself waking up in a strange place with only low grade coffee. Give the gift that not only benefits others, but yourself as well...aaaaeeeeeyt!

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