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El Mirador is an exceptionally balanced stunner of a coffee from the Huila region of Colombia. This bad mamma-jamma slaps five with your lips and gives your uvula a tongue click on the way down your throat. So, if you’re looking for your new everyday drinker, look no further brothers and sisters – mash that add to cart button!

Region: Huila
Farm: Finca El Mirador
Producer: Jose Jaidir Losada and Kyle Bellinger
Elevation: 1450 – 1550 MASL
Process: washed
Variety: Caturra & Colombia
Harvest: 2017/2018

Dudes, I said it before and I’ll say it again, I friggin’ love Colombian coffees. El Mirador is so well structured that there’s not one dominating trait of the coffee, other than that it keeps disappearing from my cup! Get your gullet ready for notes of cranberry, orange, caramel, and molasses, but most of all prepare you gullet for a dang good cup of paradise.

Let’s play off the balance of the Mirador by brewing it in the Kalita. Toss in 24 grams of coffee and slowly pour 380 grams of water over the top. Shoot for a brew time of 3.5 minutes. The cup will present a nice gentle acidity that melts into sweet mid-section and culminates with a rich satisfying finish. Ready for another?

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Finca El Mirador is located in the tiny town of Picuma, in the Suaza municipality of Huila, one of Colombia's southern departments. The farm is co-owned by Jose Jaidir Losada and Kyle Bellinger. Jose started the farm more than ten years ago with his brother and also owns two other properties nearby. Jose also works as the head of QC at the local Coocentral coop, where he cups coffees brought in by regional members. Several years ago, Kyle was traveling in Colombia when he met Jose. Jose acted on the potential he saw in the improvements they discussed and Kyle became a parter of Finca El Mirador. They invested and acquired another .8 hectares and built a new wet mill. They also are currently converting the farm to organic so they can have the very best soil health and microorganisms possible. Beyond coffee, Finca El Mirador has planted corn, papaya, and plantain and has a small hive of active honeybees.