I was a touring musician in Athens, GA looking for a job while I wasn’t on the road. My friend and fellow musician hired me as a barista at his coffee shop. While I was on the road with the band, I was exposed to different approaches to coffee. I had the opportunity to try lighter roast profiles with wild flavors that just jumped out of the cup with notes of citrus, flowers, and fruit. The experience was inspirational to me and opened my mind about what coffee could be.

In 2010, after years working as a barista, manager, and roaster, I decided to strike out on my own and put forth a pure version of what I would do given the chance. So I packed up the fam and moved to Savannah, GA. My vision was simple: to cultivate an appreciation for outstanding coffee in the South. So armed with a Diedrich IR-12, a bike, and a really big backpack, I started hustling to build a company one bag at a time. 

As business grew, I knew the PERC family had to grow too, so I assembled a small and diversely impassioned crew that came together like a coffee Voltron. Batch after batch, play after blistering late-night play of Paranoid, we built a culture around sharing the product we loved. We eventually outgrew the shop, moved the operation to a warehouse on the east side, bought a bigger roaster, and built out a swanky training lab. 

As PERC continues to grow, so does our team, all united by the same core goal: to make and share dang good coffee.




Everything we do starts with sourcing. All the work producing exceptional coffee is done by the farmers. Our job as roasters is to preserve and highlight the natural beauty of the coffee. That's why we work tirelessly to find the very best coffee available. Coffee is a seasonal fruit, so we source with the seasons to ensure the lots we choose are always at the peak of their potential. We taste dozens of samples before deciding on a new offering. Once chosen, we happily pay premium prices to secure these coffees. We believe this model celebrates the hard work and precision of the producers and establishes solid relationships built on a foundation of integrity and trust.



Tasting is the most crucial skill in developing the perfect roast. The ability to not only evaluate the current roast, but also to detect the potential within future roasts. Dynamic flavor is not inherent in green coffee – it’s latent. With that in mind, we create individual roast profiles for each coffee to ensure maximum varietal expression. We highlight a coffee's vibrant complexity by roasting it just far enough past first crack to develop the perfect amount of sweetness and body, but not so far as to impart any caustic flavors. After roasting, we cup each batch for quality and consistency. The bottom line: we don’t buy, roast, or sell coffee we’re not totally bananas about.