• Patrick Reagan

    Patrick has twenty years of running experience and ten years coaching endurance athletes. Patrick runs professionally for HOKA, GU Energy Labs, and PERC. He's won, placed, or set records in events like the IAU 100k world championship, the Comrades Marathon, Javelina Jundred, the USATF 100 mile Trail Championship, the Brazos Bend 100, the Ultravasan 90K, and the Yeti 100 Mile. He lives in Savannah, GA, with his wife, their two dogs, and two cats, and he starts each day with a cup of PERC.

  • Lauren De Crescenzo

    Lauren De Crescenzo is a professional cyclist. She won the 2021 Unbound Gravel race and was runner-up in 2023. De Crescenzo rode in the women's team time trial at the 2015 UCI Road World Championships. Her college career included bronze medals in the 2018 USA Cycling Collegiate National Championship Road Race and Individual omnium and gold in the 2019 Individual time trial. In 2020, she set the women's Everesting world record, ascending Hogpen Gap in Blairsville, Georgia.

  • Elliott Baring

    Elliott only work with companies he stands behind 100%. He runs a small operation. It started with just him racing under the Baring Performance banner. Now it has evolved into a team. Most of the Baring Performance riders are local to Atlanta. Elliott lives in Newnan, GA and was introduced to PERC about two years ago when he was living closer to the city. Since then, PERC is his go-to coffee of choice. He loves to make espresso when he's at home and takes PERC instant with him when traveling.

  • Project Echelon Racing

    Project Echelon is a UCI Continental Professional Cycling Team
    that educates, equips, and empowers veterans and their communities through physical activity and self-discovery. As an organization, Project Echelon removes the barriers to healing by fostering relationships between veterans, their communities, and professional athletes through mentorship, structure, and the promotion of long-term health and well-being ​through endurance sports.

  • SCAD Cycling Team

    As you can see from some of our other Ambassadors, athletes love (and need) coffee. Their love of coffee leads to them trying a lot of it, which leads to them knowing where to find the good stuff. PERC started in Savannah. Back then, it was Philip with a coffee roaster, a bike, and a dream. So, we were thrilled when the opportunity to support the SCAD cycling team arose. Many SCAD team members and other cyclists already started their days at PERC. So it was a no-brainer. Go Bees!

  • The Paceline Project

    The Paceline Project builds on the concept of riding in a paceline formation where a group of cyclists share in the work. They take turns at the front of the group, setting the pace while the other riders enjoy the draft. They rotate riders to the front to pick up the work. The teamwork of a paceline allows the entire group to go faster and farther than if they were riding alone. The team's mission is "we are better together, inclusiveness, and helping others go faster and farther on and off the bike."

  • Jessica Pekari

    Jessica Pekari grew up in Wapato, Washington, and is a Physical Education teacher in Colorado. She has participated in ultramarathons and other long-distance events, placing first amongst women at the Moab 240-mile ultramarathon in 2018 and the first place woman at the Franklins 200-mile ultramarathon in 2019, among other achievements. Pekari formerly served as a combat medic in the U.S. Army for four years. She is a wife and mother to three humans, and two dogs.