It quickly became clear we needed a shorter name. Luckily, the acronym PERC worked great. Our first spot was the cooler of the old Starland dairy. It was me, a roaster, and some tunes cranked up real loud. I'd roast some coffee, hop on my bike, and ride around giving folks samples. I also started slinging bags at Forsyth Farmers Market and brewing pour-overs at local events. When the wholesale business started to pick up, I hired my first two employees - my mom and dad.

As the business grew, the team needed to grow too. So I assembled a small, impassioned crew focused on a common goal: to roast and share dang good coffee. The more we grew, the smaller our shop got. So we moved into an old warehouse and dropped in a larger roaster. We also opened PERCSHOP, a place to have cuppings, serve folks coffee, and engage with the community.

I wanted to see how we could keep the party going. So, I partnered with the fantastic group of humans Alan Fischer, Taylor Kimball, and Amber Foreman. We came together like a coffee Voltron to open retail shops in my hometown of Atlanta. We also added our Atlanta headquarters, which houses offices, a training space, and an interpretive dance studio - ok, not that last part :)

We have big plans for the future. But no matter where we go, we'll always be a bunch of down-to-earth coffee hustlers excited to share good times and awesome coffee with everyone we meet. It's been a story of passion, know-how, hard work, and luck. But most importantly, we've had the support of so many amazing folks along the way. Thanks for checking us out. Y'all are the best.

- philip.