Roasted our first batch in Savannah, GA in 2010. It soon became clear we needed a shorter name. Luckily, the acronym PERC worked. Back then, it was me, a roaster, and some tunes cranked up real loud. I started slinging bags at the farmers' market and brewing at events around town. After hooking up with a handful of accounts, I hired our first two employees, my mom and dad.

As we continued to grow, we needed more space. So, we moved into a warehouse and dropped in a larger roaster. There was dedicated space for production, a coffee shop, a training space, and cupping lab. We also needed a team. So, I partnered with Alan Fischer, Amber Foreman, Taylor Kimball, and Andrew Kapral. We came together like a Voltron to take things to the next level.

Next, we decided to focus on opening retail shops. We started in my hometown of Atlanta. We wanted our spaces to be bright and fun, with loads of good vibes. Our goal was to make mind-blowing coffee accessible, approachable, and fun for everyone. We also added our Atlanta HQ with offices, a training space, and an interpretive dance studio, OK, not that last part :)

We have big plans for the future. But no matter what's in store, we'll always be down-to-earth coffee people excited to share good times and awesome coffee with everyone we meet.

Thanks for checking us out.
- philip brown