The Aeropress was invented by Alan Adler, who also created the Aerobie Flying disc. It’s durable, so it’s great for traveling. It’s an immersion brewer, so it brews hearty cups with plenty of complexity.

More brew tips here: PRO TIPS

Burr grinder
Aeropress filters
Aeropress stirrer
Scale w/ timer
Gooseneck kettle

Recipe: 14 grams coffee : 200 grams water
Grind: medium-fine
Time: 1:45

1. Place filter in filter-cap
2. Rinse filter
3. Lock cap onto press
4. Place mug on scale
5. Place press on mug
6. Add 14g ground coffee
7. Tare scale
8. Pour 200g water
9. Stir three times
10. Place plunger press *
11. Steep 60 seconds
12. Take plunger off press
13. Stir 3 more times
14. Place plunger in press
15. Remove scale
15. Plunge slowly
16. Finish at 1:45
17. Stir & enjoy!

* placing plunger in the press while it steeps will prevent water from draining :)