Creating the perfect coffee bag is no simple task. First and foremost, the bag should look awesome. We want it to be fun and inviting, without a whiff of snobbery. We also want an inclusive system that speaks to everyone from coffee pros to the craft-coffee curious.

We started by creating categories for folks with different vibes. The vibes are: wild, balanced, and mild. Next, we assigned colors, icons, and illustrations to each vibe. The wild bags are pink, with rock fingers and a panther. The balanced bags are yellow, with a peace sign and a peach. Finally, the mild bags are blue, with a thumbs-up and a mellow octopus.


    The pink bags are for the folks who walk on the wild side. Their flavors remind us of citrus, fresh fruit, or flowers.


    The yellow bags are for folks who crave harmony in life. Their flavors remind us of dried fruit, honey, or spices.


    The blue bags are for folks who want a solid cup. Their flavors remind us of mixed nuts, caramel, or cocoa.

We want folks to get a look at the coffee inside. So we made see-through windows on the sides of the bag. This allows people to get a sense of the roast profile. Each bag also has a unique pattern with the words "stay wild, be balanced, and get mild" to further communicate the vibe.

Each bag gets a label with details about the coffee inside. The labels contain a vibe icon, the country of origin, the farm name, the processing method, and flavor descriptors to describe how the coffee tastes. Lastly, we include a QR code on the bottom of the bag that takes you to our website, where we have all the nerdy info you need.

We're super proud of what we've come up with. This process has been challenging and fun, and we are over the moon to share it with the world. Stay awesome y'all!