Elliott Baring x PERC

The brands I work with are companies that I have had a long time relationship with and stand behind 100%. Often the brands (products) I work with are ones I was paying for originally, and will continue to pay for once my time as a sponsored athlete is over. With these partnerships I look for ways that I can organically "pay it forward" and work with the company that also supports me.

I run a bit of a small "operation". It used to just be myself racing under the Baring Performance banner but it has now evolved into a team with most of my riders being local to Atlanta. I live down in Newnan but was introduced to PERC in the last two years while I was living closer/in the city. PERC is definitely my go to coffee of choice. Typically a combination of some fresh beans in my espresso machine at home or some instant when I am traveling (or want that afternoon cup of decaf).


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