The Clever is an immersion brewer similar to the French press. The brew is balanced, sweet, and clean. The filter helps highlight the clarity and nuance of the coffee.

More brew tips here: PRO TIPS 

Burr grinder
Clever dripper w/ lid
Melitta #4 filters
Any old kettle
Scale w/ timer

Recipe: 20g coffee: 320g water
Grind: medium
Baratza: 20ish on an Encore
Time: 3:00 - 4:00 minutes

1. Place filter in brewer 
2. Rinse filter & discard water
3. Place brewer on scale
4. Add ground coffee
5. Tare scale & start timer
6. Pour all 320g water
7. Cover brewer w/ lid
8. Steep 2 minutes
9. Drain and enjoy!