Colombia Tiki Punch

This is the second coffee we’ve sourced from Producer Wilder Lazo, after the Gesha Spirits earlier this year. Like the Gesha Spirits, this is an anaerobically fermented coffee, but the unique processing and varietal of Tiki Punch yields a much different flavor profile. Tiki Punch is an SL28 varietal grown on Wilder’s farm, El Rubi. SL28 is a varietal born in Kenya in the 1930s and bred for its impressive resistance to drought. It’s also known for its juicy, bright acidity. After harvesting the coffee, Wilder begins with a 200-hour fermentation with the mucilage attached. This is followed by 20 days of sun-drying and another 35 days of stabilization.

The flavor of Tiki Punch is unlike any in our recent memory (and we try a lot of coffees!). Very distinct tropical notes of pineapple and papaya are present up front, with a unique and slightly boozy finish of amaretto and dark chocolate. This is a truly special coffee, and it certainly won’t be the last we source from Wilder’s farm. Get you some before it’s gone!




    1500-1700 MASL


    Anaerobic Natural



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