Espresso is a concentrated cup extracted from finely ground coffee tamped and brewed under pressure. Any coffee can be brewed as espresso, so try them all.

More brew tips here: PRO TIPS

Espresso machine
Burr grinder
18g portafilter basket
Scale w/ timer

Recipe: 18g coffee: 36g water
Grind: powdered sugar-fine*
Time: 0:24-0:32

1. Remove portafilter from machine
2. Place portafilter on scale & tare
3. Dose 18g into portafilter
4. Evenly distribute ground coffee
5. Tamp coffee firmly & evenly
6. Wipe rim of portafilter of grinds
7. Purge grouphead w/ hot water
8. Lock the portafilter in grouphead
9. Activate the machine
10. Place cup on scale & tare
11. Slide cup/scale under group
12. Stop the shot at 36g yield
13. Stir & enjoy!

*Adjust grind to taste