The Hario V60 is high risk / high reward brewer. It requires some technique, but if successful, you’re rewarded with a clean and complex cup with nuance for days. 

More brew tips here: PRO TIPS

Burr grinder
Hario V60 02
V60 02 Filters
Scale w/ timer
Gooseneck Kettle

Recipe: 22g coffee : 340g water
Grind: medium
Time: 3:30

1. Place mug on scale
2. Place V60 on mug
3. Place filter in V60
2. Rinse filter & discard water
3. Evenly distribute grounds
4. Tare scale & start timer
5. Wet coffee evenly w/ 40g water
6. At 0:35, slowly pour to 140g  
7. At 1:10, pour to 240g
8 At 2:10, pour to 340g
9. Brew should finish ~ 3:30
10. Enjoy!