The Kalita Wave uses a flat-bottom coffee bed, its patented wave filters, and a three-hole design to achieve even extractions. Look for balanced cups with plenty of nuance and not a lot of fuss.

More brew tips here: PRO TIPS

Burr Grinder
Kalita Wave
Kalita 185 filters
Scale & Timer
Gooseneck kettle

Recipe: 20g coffee : 330g water
Grind: medium-fine grind
Time:  3:30

1. Place mug on scale
2. Place Kalita on mug
3. Rinse filter & discard water
4. Add 20g fresh ground coffee
5. Evenly distribute grounds
5. Tare scale & start timer
5. Wet coffee evenly w/ 30g water
6. At 0:30, slowly pour to 115g
7. At 1:10, slowly pour to 200g
8. At 1:40, slowly pour to 250g
9. At 2:00, pour slowly to 330g
10. Brew should finish ~ 3:30
11. Enjoy!