Scho & Jo x PERC

As full-time travelers who are seeking a new adventure each day, the one thing that remains the same is coffee.

Our coffee journey is often influenced by necessity. When we were backpacking across South America, Australia, New Zealand, and India we kept a jar of instant coffee in our bags at all times. Whether it's a 4 am wake-up call and needed that jolt of energy to trek up a mountain or leave for an early flight, we always have our coffee. When we pivoted to boat life and we cruised around America’s Great Loop on our 34’ trawler we had a bit more flexibility when it came to our morning brew. Pour-over, French press, Aero-press… we were able to start our mornings on the water in whatever way we felt best. Now that we are pursuing more travel adventures, we are transitioning into our next phase of brewing. Whether it's PERC instant to get us up and riding 500 miles across Iowa during RAGBRAI, or PERC freshly ground beans into our aero-press, we rely on PERC to start every adventure.

We're grateful to partner with PERC, a company that focuses on making delicious coffee with love just as we focus on making high-quality videos that tell an engaging story for our audience. What better way to kick off our daily adventure than with a high-quality coffee made by fantastic people.

- Elliot and Jen

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