Jourdan Delacruz x PERC

I am an Olympian, Nutrition & Dietetics student, and doggie lover! I have competed in the sport of weightlifting for almost ten years now and have had the opportunity to represent Team USA at several Pan American Championships, World Championships, and the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo Japan. I hold several American and Pan American records, and recently became the first woman to hold the following three records in two different body weights simultaneously (49kg & 55kg): American record in snatch (89kg), American/PanAm record in clean & jerk (108kg), and in total (195kg).

I discovered PERC through a friend who is a shop regular. He gifted me a bag of Colombian and was immediately hooked. I find it really important to support local, so switching to a PERC subscription was a no brainer. Having relationships with businesses like PERC allows me to pursue athletics and reach my goals!


Photo credit YKS Media

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