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Colombia Sidra Genius

Colombia Sidra Genius

Watermelon, Gummy Bears

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    Las Flores Farm, Huila


    1800 MASL


    Mosto Anaerobic


    Borbon Sidra

The Sidra Genius is yet another banger of a coffee from Colombia. This one was grown on Jhoan Vergara’s farm, Las Flores, and then transported to the Tolima region to be processed at El Vergel. The folks at El Vergel are among those in Colombia pushing the limits of what flavors can be achieved through coffee processing. We’re blown away every time we get to try their coffee, and this one is no exception! After harvesting, this coffee is fermented for 72 hours in plastic tanks, followed by a 2-step drying process started in a silo to avoid over-fermentation, and then sun-dried for 18 days. It’s then stabilized for 30 days prior to milling.

This is our first time Bringing in a Sidra coffee. Sidra is a rare coffee varietal known to present fruity, floral flavors in the cup with high levels of sweetness. This, coupled with the anaerobic processing, yields an intensely fruity and sweet cup. Look for notes of strawberry, watermelon, orange liqueur (think Cointreau), and a fudge-y sweetness.

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