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Ethiopia Dimtu Tero

Ethiopia Dimtu Tero

Lavender, Earl Grey

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    1925 MASL





In 2012 Getachew Zekele opened a washing station in the Dimtu Tero district in Guji. Then, in 2016 he opened the Dimtu Tero Farm, a 151-hectare semi-forest plantation. The washing station consists of 416 growers that receive a premium price for their coffee based on quality. Getachew believes that growing with the local community leads to greatness. "I want to be one of the country's leading coffee producers, processors, and exporters that customers trust on quality, traceability, and sustainability.", says Getachew.

This coffee was carefully produced with effective growing and handling techniques. They start with careful seedling selections that suit the area, then harvest at the coffee's peak ripeness. Finally, they use ideal processing techniques to preserve the quality of the cherry. The resulting coffee is sweet and floral, with peach and lavender notes dancing in the cup like it's dang Michael Flatley up in this piece.

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