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Kenya Kiawamaruru

Kenya Kiawamaruru

Peach syrup, Brown Sugar

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    1765 MASL




    SL-28, SL34

This coffee comes to us from Kiawamaruru Factory in Nyeri, Kenya. Kiawamaruru is multifaceted. They have a model farm where their agronomist helps educate farmers on best practices, including growing and producing coffee, keeping their crops pest free without pesticides, and many other vital subjects. Coffee seedlings and fertilizer are also provided for cooperative members.

Farmers bring their cherries to a central sorting facility where over and under-ripe cherries are removed, along with any other defects, before being checked and weighed. After the cherries are depulped and washed, they’re placed on wet tables to drain. They’re finally moved to drying tables inside their parabolic greenhouse, eliminating the need to cover them at night or during rainy weather.

This is our favorite Kenya we have tasted all year! Look out for black currant, mango, and maple sugar notes in the cup. Kiawamaruru does a fantastic job of delivering the flavor profile that made us fall in love with coffees from Kenya years ago. It’s complex, juicy, and has sweetness for days. Get you some!

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